Professional Edition
Power users rejoice!
Create beautiful reports
Faster import and export
Preview grid, images and PDFs
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Popular Builds
Pro Basic
Our Most Popular Build!
Cell, column, table and worksheet-level styling
Text styling and Rich text support
Styled HTML table ingress and egress
Data Validations and Conditional Formatting
Correct errors in exports from other software
International locale support
Pro Image
Read and write images and shapes
Embedded and Linked Image processing
Simple Drawing and Shapes support
Pro Chart
Read and write charts
ChartSheet parsing and generation
Embed custom charts in worksheets
WordArt and Form Controls
Pro Edit
Update data in a file with perfect fidelity
Modify cell contents in an existing file
Add new worksheets to existing files
Additional Components
Add-on features to Pro Builds
PivotTable and PivotChart generation and processing
Password-protection and file encryption/decryption
NodeJS and browser performance enhancements
Standalone Components
Related software in the SheetJS ecosystem
Formula Calculator: Evaluate formulas and refresh workbooks
Visual Basic (VBA): read and write code and UserForms
SSF Pro: Format numbers and dates in different locales
Renderer: Generate SVG / Canvas / PDF views of worksheets