SheetJS is Hiring!

We're looking for full-time teammates. With deep experience collaborating with other open source developers, we are equipped to handle US citizens working remotely. It's easy to think of spreadsheets and other productivity software as drudgery, but below the surface there are many challenging and deep problems that will excite programmers and computer scientists alike. SheetJS LLC is a bootstrapped business based in New Jersey. Without the short-term profitability pressures of external funding, we can tackle very ambitious problems and build open-source solutions. Full-time Opportunities The SheetJS ecosystem is large and variegated. At some level, processing documents requires reimplementing portions of a complete operating system! There are many projects for JavaScript developers, running the gamut from "front-end" HTML semantics and CANVAS / SVG manipulation to "back-end" bit-twiddling and string processing. If you are looking for a multidisciplinary experience with some very passionate developers, you found the right place :) This is for you if you are: - a motivated JavaScript developer - interested in productivity software and have some practical experience - familiar with the tumult of open source and remote collaboration - excited by intellectually-stimulating algorithmic and programming problems This is not for you if you are: - not interested in grinding through challenging problems - not prepared to collaborate with the JavaScript and data communities - not motivated by pushing the boundaries of applied math and programming - not comfortable with video meetings with teammates and customers If you are interested, please reach out to [email protected] !