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Pro Libraries

Shortly after the first release of the open source version, many people and companies expressed interest in a dedicated support plan. We offered premium support plans on the open source product. Over time, we developed small patches and fixes to address specific issues. Based on those private support requests, we have a special build in parallel with the open source build.

The Pro version sports massive performance improvements (4-10 times faster than the open source version with an improved interface) and additional write features. By starting from a clean interface slate, we are able to optimize in ways that the open source version cannot.

Our open source product has helped numerous businesses over the years, powering import and export capabilities for speciality apps in companies like Alibaba, Daimler, Dell, HP, and Petrobras (some have even contributed open source code themselves!). We are deeply humbled by the praise from our users.

Support subscriptions include access to Pro version

Send us an email for more information.

Pro version code is subject to SheetJS LLC Software License Agreement