Sheet JSFile Parser Support

File formats that are supported in Excel
XLSX (Excel 2007+)js-xlsxStrict Open XML Spreadsheet, Excel Workbook
XLSM (2007+ Macros)js-xlsxExcel Workbook (code)
XLSB (2007+ Binary)js-xlsxBIFF12
XLS (97-2004)js-xlsBIFF8
XML (2003 XMLSS)js-xlsXML Spreadsheet 2003-2004
XLS (5.0/95)js-xlsBIFF5
Text File Formats
TSV (.TXT)js-harbTab-Separated
DIFjs-harbData Interchange Format
SYLKjs-harbSymbolic Link
Less Common Data File Formats
XLW (4.0)js-xlsBIFF4
HTM (Webpage)Need samples from various versions
XML DataExcel doesn't round-trip this properly
PRN (Lotus)js-harbSpace-delimited
Excel Non-Data File Formats
XLTX (2007+ Template)js-xlsxTemplate
XLTM (2007+ Template)js-xlsxTemplate (code)
XLT (97-2004 Template)js-xlsTemplate
XLAM (2007+ Addin)js-xlsxAddin (code)
XLA (97-2004 Addin)js-xlsAddin
Other File Formats
DBFjs-harbNeed samples from various dBASE/VFP versions
Parsers are generally expected to work
Parsers should work, but there may be many issues. Please report any problems
No plans to support
Support is planned
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