# SheetJS Reinforcements re-in-force-ment -- an addition of troops, supplies, etc., that augments the strength of an army or other military force. Your team handles most problems that come your way, but every once in a while you face an insurmountable challenge. You need help, and you admit you need help, but you don't know exactly what help you need. This is a common issue. Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes. Other times you need inspiration. That's where we come in. ## "We're here to help!" We help solve complex problems with out-of-the-box thinking and discipline. In the process of solving problems, we develop techniques that others use in many ways. We have contributed, directly and indirectly, to many large open source projects. When we started the js-xlsx process, no believed it would be possible to read and write Excel files in JavaScript. Our work is now one of the most popular open source libraries, supporting small projects and large products alike. Companies like Boeing, Daimler, Dell and HP entrust SheetJS with their data. Code snippets from our work have made their way into large projects including the Node JS platform and the Facebook React framework. We firmly believe that "Hours of Planning Save Years of Effort". We are not afraid to ask hard questions and admit when we are clueless ## Don't be afraid to ask! **Email**: <reinforcements@sheetjs.com>